Thursday, January 16th

 ”Products: Are We Getting the Right Ones?” by someone you might know (or might not)

Hi Everybody,

Tomorrow’s presentation will be about product comparators and configurators. Although both aim to assist customers in choosing products that meet their expectations, they function quite differently. While comparators present similarities and differences, configurators assist in gradually customizing products. The two systems have pros and cons but they both share the same variability information.

The talk will present:
- What’s a Product Comparison Matrix
- Their advantages
- And 5 open research questions on improving PCMs using variability models.

And to answer the question of who will present. Well, it’s someone you might, or might not, know. Yes, this person is so discreet that if not for the paychecks sent to his bank account, few would know of his existence. He’s so quiet that when people leave his office, they lock the door with him still inside. Mr. Incognito he has been called by the few who have actually seen him. He has somewhat of a mysterious and ghostly feel to him, so quiet it’s almost as if he lives between this dimension and the next. This person’s name is Guillaume Becan, one of our brightest and newest Ph.D students.

FYI, Guillaume will be presenting this work at VaMoS (, so this will be his warm-up presentation.

Let’s wish him the best,
Walter Rudametkin