Thursday, February 27th

Git : Things you should know about Git but never bothered to ask, by Marco Biazzini

Howdy y’all,

The next coffee is all Spaghetti Western [1] style. Yup, we’re in for a wild ride with the sharp-shooting, fast-drawing, dirty talking, injun huntin’…. (wait for it)… Marco “Snakeeyes” Bulettzini [2].

Marco’s gonna round us up an overview of data structures and shoot through some low level functions that Git is built on. It’s all stuff you thought you could skip but turns out to be useful to live happily and peacefully back on the ranch.

Gosh Marco, using Git sure sounds like a love-hate relationship!

Bring your tin cups ‘cus this time the coffee’s ready when the horseshoe floats [3].

Giddy up! Yee-haw!
Walter Rudametkin

PS. A little somethin’ from Nico for y’all:


Update: Here’s the presentation.