Thursday, February 13th

Using evolutionary computation to synthesize software applications by Kwaku Yeboah-Antwi

Hi everybody,

Don’t miss the next DiverSE Coffee because it’s going to be *Formidable*, with a capital F!

Our recently imported genius from the Americas… wait… imported from England… no, hold on… from Ghana… hmm…. Yes, as I was saying, our only black team member—who successfully and grandiosely increased both our inner-team diversity and uniqueness in a single swipe—will be competing for the ultimate prize of Best Coffee Presenter in Hiiiistoorrryyyyy (iiiistooryyy, stoooryyy, toorryyy, yyy, y, …).

Kwaku Yeboah-Antwi, also known as Mr. Wednesday [1], is going to present his work on evolutionary computation techniques (specifically genetic programming) to automatically synthesize software applications. Kwaku will present the methodology and challenges involved in synthesizing a simple calculator, completely from scratch. I agree, this looks like the workings of a “Social Autistic Savant”, if ever an autistic savant was social. Kwaku will surely achieve his lifetime goal of producing the world’s first living ArmBird in the years to come [2].

Let’s give Kwaku a warm welcome!

Best regards,
Walter Rudametkin

PS. Double dose your coffee and brush up on your english ‘cus Kwaku ain’t gonna wait for no slow minds! [3]

[1] Kwaku means something like “Boy Born on a Wednesday”