Thursday, February 6th

Maxime Tricoire presents Kevoree web demo

Hi Everybody,

Today’s DiverSE coffee is going to be totally frickin’ awesome… It’s demo time with Maxime!

Maxime, a.k.a Pretty Boy, is one of our smartest and hardest working engineers. In case you don’t know him, he’s timid, he’s pretty, and he’s brilliant. I’m particularly glad to see him present because Maxime is what I call a coffee-dodger: he has managed to avoid at least 3 coffee presentations in the past. But finally, he has been caught. No more escaping from the coffee gods Maxime, you must present!

Maxime has been diligently working on the Kevoree component framework and, more specifically, on the Kevoree JS project for a long time now. We all think that Javascript is a crappy language that can’t be tested or used to build complex systems (right Johann?), but Maxime is here to prove us wrong. He will show us what can and can’t be done, once and for all! Maxime will present the latest evolutions of Kevoree and the new management framework that has been written in Javascript.

Let’s all give a warm welcome to the pretty boy, Maxime Tricoire!

Best regards,
Walter Rudametkin

PS. Please note that the coffee will be extraordinarily held in the _Markov_ room.