Thursday, January 30th

openMOLE presented by André’s friends

Hi Everybody,

Today’s DiverSE coffee is special, so please behave (or you’ll scare the normal people). We have people coming to present Open Mole. The presenters might be coming from Paris, and open mole might be a genetic project to release the mole genome, or it might be a robotic swarm technology built to destroy your Grandma’s flower garden, or it might be the open-source workflow engine designed to leverage the computing power of distributed execution environments (i.e., Open MOdeL Experiment [1]).

It’s hard to be precise because André forgot to send me the summary (probably all of those beers didn’t help, right André). All I know for sure is that these are André’s friends (yes, the guy has friends… really, he does… and they actually seem smart, too!).

So let’s give a nice, warm, DiverSE welcome to whoever is coming to present.
Walter Rudametkin

PS. Maxime, be prepared, we are coming for _you_!